What defines UKSSA is our high standards - to become an UKSSA member you have to operate to industry leading standards and you must undergo an indpendent security audit defore you can join and then be re-audited every two years. By doing so, your customers can rest assured that their data is 100% safe and regulated. UKSSA isn't just a badge you pay to wear, it's about demonstarting that your business is 100% compliant and that you are regularly audited to check that your customer's data is always safe and meets the all the latest regulatory requirements..

The UKSSA code of practice defines the aims and objectives of the United Kingdom Security Shredding Association and the market leading standards of service with which members should comply.

It provides members with clear guidelines for their operations and provides members' customers with the assurance required to select security-shredding services with absolute confidence.

If you have any questions about the code of practice, please contact us (toll free) on 0800 634 0212