foundations laid for future

The United Kingdom Security Shredding Association (UKSSA), the UK’s leading independent association for the security shredding and data destruction industry, has made important changes to its constitution and rules aimed at broadening its appeal and making the association more relevant to the modern security shredding industry.

At the Association’s recent Annual General Meeting and General Meeting, held in London, the executive council saw its proposals for greater inclusiveness unanimously ratified by the membership.

Association chairman, Steve Houghton, states, “This year’s AGM is probably the most important in the association’s history. The executive council recognised that, in order to move the association forward and make it more representative of today’s security shredding and data destruction industry, changes would need to be made to our constitution and rules.

“Working in conjunction with an external consultancy, we have formulated a new constitution which enables membership to encompass all forms of data destruction services, including site based and mobile shredding services for paper, plastic and electronic media.

“In addition, our membership application system has been simplified to make the entire process clearer and more streamlined, without compromising on standards.

“These changes will not only make UKSSA more attractive to potential members and even more representative of the industry, but will also provide users of data destruction services with exceptional levels of assurance when they are choosing UKSSA members.”

In addition to the improvements made to UKSSA’s constitution and rules, the meetings included discussions on a variety of other topics, including promotion and administration of the association, from which a number of new initiatives have been born, including the appointment of a full-time secretariat and extensive changes to the association’s website.

Executive council member, Chris Perry, comments, “I think the association has long-recognised the need to place its affairs on a more professional footing in order to provide a more effective services for members and the industry as a whole.

“A professional secretariat will provide the industry, media, government bodies and other trade associations with a central point of contact for UKSSA, making the association far more responsive to their needs and those of members.

“The website has been simplified to make it more accessible and, together with other communications initiatives that will develop over the next few months, this will help to spread the UKSSA doctrine of setting and maintaining high standards as well as raising the association’s profile throughout the industry."