Restore Datashred are delighted to have recently become members of UKSSA. Anthony Pearlgood, Managing Director of Datashred, had this to say on why they joined - "We were impressed with the high standards that UKSSA imposes on its members, backed up by an independent security audit of all sites. Customers can have confidence that an UKSSA member will provide them with a secure, compliant service at good value." Pearlgood went on to say - "It is interesting times for our industry as we increasingly hear of Organisations going digital and reducing their output of paper. However, we have found that the volume of paper created is pretty consistent with previous years. Whilst customers - and some sectors are more advanced than others - are looking to be more efficient in their processes, we have found that their is still a heavy reliance on paper documents, particularly in the Legal and Healthcare sectors. We do expect volumes to decrease in time but actually in the short term we see higher volumes as a result of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), which comes into effect in May 2018. We already have evidence that customers are taking a more ruthless approach to data destruction and not keeping hold of documentation that they don't legally need to. We expect this to increase between December and March not only because of the forthcoming GDPR but also because of end of year clear-outs, which traditionally peak when businesses are quieter in their day-to-day life." UKSSA are planning a campaign early in 2018 to raise awareness of GDPR and in particular the role that member companies play in helping customers with compliance. The campaign will not only focus on paper as their is increasing quantities of data being held on magnetic media or hard drives and when this is no longer needed it is imperative that it is destroyed in a secure manner. UKSSA member companies are able to offer a flexible service covering the destruction of any material deemed to be confidential, which may include paper, archives, magnetic media, hard drives, ID cards, uniforms, counterfeit and faulty products.